Is the beach closest to Nafplio, behind the city of Nafplio and Akronayplia. The walk from our traditional pension to the beach takes about 8 minutes.
Is a very large and popular beach with shallow waters, suitable for families with children. It is located very close to Nafplio. Visitors can access this beach by car or by bus. If you love hiking or cycling you can reach the beach on foot or by bike through the dirt road that connects the beach Karathonas with Arvanitia. (5km - 10 minutes)
Is a very small beach, which is only accessible on foot or by bike, as it is located in the middle of the road that connects Karathonas beach with Arvanitia.
Is the most organized beach in the region of Argolis. It is a large beach, with shallow waters and fine sand, suitable for all ages. Visitors can access Tolo by car or by bus. (10km - 15min)
Is a very large in size beach, next to the village Drepano. Visitors can choose between crowded spaces with cafes, or more relaxing and isolated corners of the beach. Plaka is accessible by car or bus. (10km - 15min)
Is perhaps the most beautiful beach of Argolis with deep and crystal clear waters. It is only accessible by car on the way to Iria, shortly after Vivari. (16km - 25min)
Is a very large in size beach, with gravel mixed with sand. It is organized, but visitors can find some quiet corners as well. It is located in the village of Candia and is accessible by car. (20 km - 30 minutes)
Is a picturesque village with two beaches with deep, clear waters. It is located at the coastal road that connects Nafplion with Astros. The village is accessible by car. (16km - 25min)